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Laser Pointers Budget 5 Head

 This Laser is 670 nm and amazing Value , comes with 5 Patterned Heads. Value multi packs availble . Ideal as cat or dog toy , they love chasing the dot . Also although this is value model it will still work wonderfully as office presentation laser.

SKU : 001

PRICE : 1.95 : Was 2.99 : Saving:1.04

Multipack - 5 HEAD Budget

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Twin Pack 3.50
3 Pack for 5
5 Pack for 9
10 Pack for 16
25 Pack for 40
50 Pack for 75

Wavelength : 670nm
Batteries Supplied : 3 x LR44 : Further supplies available in our battery Section
Size of Unit : Approx 60mm Len x 12.7mm Dia
Packaging : Retail / Boxed / unit held in foam
Extras : 5 Patterend heads - images vary , mainly fun ie/ love heart ,skull crossbones
Paul Comments: One of these was my first ever lasers, this unit  started off my fascination with lasers. How can something so small push light so far ? .. Quite frankly  Amazing. At the end of the day it's the cheapest laser available so the Finish isn't wonderful, in particular the Keyring holder isn't very strong so I imagine most people like me would remove it quite quickly. Overall value for money as the actual dot of the laser travels far but the shape of the dot is hit or miss depending on how Its manufactured . Unit Supplied with some extra heads of a fun nature
Recommended use : Cat/Dog excercise , Ideal first laser , Fun unit if you have never owned a laser before
Branding : Not really recommeded as a Business gift , although it has been known to simply place an advertising  label on box or business card in the box and be given away in qtys at conferences due to the fantastic prices available.

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