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Universities and Laser Pointers

We are delighted to be a supplier of laser pointer and presentation tools to many University and research institutions , we welcome your purchase orders to our dedicated fax line on 0870 321 5888 . Currently we offer 15% discount for all education purchases from ANY of our products.

Many organisations now have their own departmental Credit Card to make administration easier and you can still obtain your discount by entering education in the coupon box during purchase procedure .Feel free to enter the Education discount in any newsletters , email lists or notice boards you are involved in as any publicity is good publicity ! Laser Pointer presentation tools are in common use in Education and ideal to help your presentations go smoothly

There is only one type of laser pointer currently Legal for General public Use in the UK.....The requirements are that is that Class II type and that it is less than one Milliwatt in Power , Our Range now exceeds 50 laser pointer that are UK Legal and all are powerful enough for ANY indoor presentation yet safe enough to keep your mind at rest ...see legal links and Advice from the World Health Organisation.  All laser Pointer Sold here will work great for any presentation and you will feel safe that no permanent damage will be done the event of an accident. has been supplying Universities with AV equipment for over 10 years so be rest assured your are dealing with a reliable supplier. We welcome BAC payments if your centre pays this way and most universities now have us on their approved Supplier list and have our account details , please check with your finance dept.

Safety is an all important Consideration and below is an excellent link for checking your are using lasers safely .

Durham University  : Nottingham university : St Andrews University

Sheffield university : Leeds University : Optics mag Info

Princeton University >