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Green Laser

Green Beam Price Track

GreenBeam lasers are relatively new to UK and prices have fallen as production increased in recent years. Now in 2006/7 finally Green lasers have become affordable to all

1998 - Hand held Green Laser launched at ?1500 per unit

1999 - Prices decrease to ?800 as production increases

2000 - Bluesky Launches Product on UK market ?499

2001 - Worldwide sales help production levels ?200

2002 - Bluesky launches first Uk Legal general Use version ?189

2003 - Bluesky First in Europe to launch at ?99 due to increasing volume

2004 - Incredible New ranges from ?59 launched by Bluesky

2005 - Bluesky launches a Special Value model at ?49
2006 - Bluesky launches a Special Value model at ?39

2007 - Who Knows as green laser go mass production

To Guarantee that you may be one of the first Owners of a UK Legal Green Beam Laser pointer you should purchase today while stocks last. These are ideal presents for the person who has everything , Perfect for Busy Executives and Managing Directors . Lecturers do you do a lot of presentations then Stand out from the crowd you will be very unique , this is one very special way to have your presentation remembered.



Click to View Close up Of this Quality Pointer , model shown ?59

Length : Approx 15cm

GREEN - ( ?39+ ) RED - ( ?2+ ) BLUE - ( 599+ )

If you are unfamiliar with this product you may well be asking why on earth there is such a price difference. Its all down to the manufacturing process .Each Colour has its own problems being made in the Lab and you should try and think about the Colours a bit like Precious metals.... Silver gold and Platinum. The Red beams are relatively easy to manufacture and are available for ?2+. Green Beams are more rare like Gold ,difficult to manufacture and require Quality Laboratories and testing equipment , Commonplace in USA and Russia for ?200+ only specially manufactured models are available in UK due to our Stringent and lower power Requirements. Blue beams are confined mainly to commercial use due to high Starting costs now of around of ?599 + , Blue Beams in handheld versions were only launched in 2006.

Green Beam .. What''s so special ?

They are mainly special because they are different , presentations with Green beams are almost Unique in UK at present and will be noticed and remembered because they are so special . Want to get your point across ...stand out from the crowd !! Green beams are worth every penny

The Actual Green Dot is very bright and piercing and sparkling. Our eyes are more sensitive to Green than any other Colour , so even though the Pointer operates at a power similar to most Red Pointers it is far brighter. I feel sure that you will be more than IMPRESSED by the beam / dot projected. There will certainly be no problem for Any Indoor presentation , as mentioned before it is a very tight Piercing Sparkling Green beam / dot .

Green Beam .. LIGHT SABRE

See a light Sabre effect extending about 50 feet into the air when away from city into darkness., the beam seems to go on for miles but certainly on a reflective road sign measures almost two miles. After or during windy nights when there are loads of (Invisible) particles in the air is when the Light Sabre effect is best and it is Truly Spectacular in thin or thick fog !! . Apart from these novelty Gadget uses they are brilliant for making presentations unforgettable. Stand out from the crowd .....

Green Beam .. Power Point Presentations

Our Local Science Centre has an Enormous Giant Presentation Screen the Size of a Cinema Screen for Presentations , Red lasers just don''t do the Job on this type of Bright Projection Screen , they were Delighted to Find out GREEN BEAM LASERS are perfect and can easily be seen on all sorts of Projection Screens Both Small and Large.


Green Lasers are perfect for Star pointing , once in a dark area and your eyes have adjusted , the line produced from Green Lasers are Ideal for pointing into the Sky to point Out Stars , they can even turn Low Flying Clouds Green !! Many Many Astronomers are know using them at Public and Class presentations to make pointing out Stars easy .

Class II < 1mw : UK Legal - Exclusive to Bluesky - Verified UK Legal

Now with APC Circuit for Stability of Power . CE Marked

NEW : Yellow Laser Pointer : NEW

Photo taken with long exposure and smoke in room to help make beams more visable

All Laser Pointers on this Page Are Uk Legal for General Use - Class II <1mW